Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Should Turn In My Smarty Pants

So, Friday marked one week until I turn 25 and I have been thinking about all of the stuff that I thought I would know by 25 that I don't.  
Here's just a small sample of the things that I know I don't know:

How a fax machine works.
Why a baby's head smells like hope.
Why The Godfather is supposed to be so good (I haven't seen it).
Why frozen french fries don't taste as good as restaurant fries.
How mail is sorted.
Why nail polish peels off.
How seamless underpants are made.
Why fluoride tastes so bad.
How digital photo cards work.
Why the cashier at Macy's asks if you want to save 10%.  Of course I want to save 10% who doesn't. But I don't want a Macy's card thankyouverymuch.  SAY WHAT YOU MEAN DAMNIT!
Why it's so fun to type in CAPS LOCK.

Anyone have any answers.?  Anyone? Bueller?

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kla_texasgirl said...

I don't have many answers, but my guess on the french fries is that it's all about the deep fryer at the restaurant.