Monday, June 28, 2010

More Conversations With My Father

Me, hot gluing a hair bow...

Me:  "I have a rocky relationship with hot glue guns."

Dad:  "..."

Me:  "You know, the silver dollar sized scar on my calf..."

Dad: "..."

Me:  "Come to think of it, that was more of a parenting problem."

Dad:  "It always is, isn't it?"

Me:  "I mean, I was like 8, alone with a hot glue gun and no one told me that if I pushed the glue stick that
         was sticking out the back, that glue would come streaming out the front."

Dad:  "Yeah, that was before we knew you would need 'special' supervision."

Me:  "It was glitter glue."

Dad:  "Alrighty then".

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Anonymous said...

I can just imagine your dad's facial expressions.


alison said...

wow. your dad and my dad should form a club because this is pretty much the sort of conversation we have had frequently...;)

your blog is lovely and so are all your photos!

visiting from sits...hope your day is sweet.


stuff and nonsense

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, I love a good father-daughter conversation!

Happy SITS day, Meghan! I hope it's a great one!

Marie said...

Ha, that is great.

Maggie S. said...

If I wasn't 20 years older than you are, I might think we had the same dad.

Happy SITS day.

Anonymous said...

"Special supervision." I love it. My kids always let me know I'm special. They usually spell it out loud:
Families keep our egos in check, don't they?

Jennifer said...

Supportive parents are awesome! :)

Happy SITS day.

Shana said...

That's hilarious and similar to conversations I have with my parents all the time.

Laura said...

Cherish these conversations with your dad!

Happy SITS Day!

Grams said...

Sometimes dads say the most when they say the least.

Lex Hilliard said...

Ha! Sounds like a convo I tend to have with my dad. He often makes faces while I ramble away. Every now and again he throws in a clever one-liner. Gotta love dads! Oh, and I dig your blog :)

misssrobin said...

Dads have their own brand of parenting, don't they?

Ilana @ mommyshorts said...

I love this idea for a post. Except it would be my father who did all the talking! Stopping by from SITs.