Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Some Update Pictures

I thought y'all would like to see how Miss Dozer Belle is growing.  Well...she's growing.  Her paws are huge, which doesn't bode well for her being a lap dog.  Diezel is an amazing big sister.  She puts the smack down when necessary and puts up with Dozie's endless chewing on her, climbing on her, and basically tormenting her.  Crate training, which worked with Dee, did not happen with Dozer.  She sleeps in bed with us and does really well.  Our thoughts are that she spent much of her life before meeting us in a cage and she just could't deal.  So she sleeps between us, like the big lush she is.  She is living up to her name too.  She bulldozes through life, especially outside where she has been known to go face first on her belly down a grassy hill followed by a few barrel rolls.  She also loves to doze...a lot.  This pup can sleep in any position at any time.  It's ridiculous. Well, here are a few recent pics.  Enjoy!