Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have been meaning to sit down and write about my experience with my iPad for a while, but only just got around to it.  Let me preface this by saying that I don't own stock in Apple, know anyone who works at Apple, Apple has not paid me to say this, (but I do eat apples). So here goes...
I waited until Apple came out with the 3G and WiFi version on April 30th rather than the WiFi only version that was available 2 weeks earlier.  And I am so happy that I did.  In the month I have had it there has not been a single time that I was unable to get service.  It shows me which WiFi networks in the area are unlocked, and if there are none it connects to AT&T 3G service.  Here's my pros and cons list for my new limb (I can't be without it). 


Ease of use: I can't speak to how easy or difficult it would be to use the iPad if you have never used a Mac or an iPhone.  I happen to have a Mac at home and access to an iPhone, so I had no trouble with the operating system. 

Applications: I can't speak highly enough about the applications that are available.  I can read books with color illustrations, play games, take notes, draw, and many other things.  Perhaps my favorite app is a Netflix app that lets me instantly watch anything that they have set up to watch that way.  It is part of my Netflix subscription and is really fantastic.  That leads me to the next Pro...

Display: The display is AMAZING!  The colors are brilliant and my photos look amazing on it.  It is large enough to get what you need done, but not so large that it is cumbersome.  The glass display is so sensitive that the keyboard is a breeze to use, pages in books are easy to turn, and games are pretty natural. 

Questions? It's got answers: Okay, I couldn't think of what to call this Pro.  What I mean is that by using the internet, maps, calendar, etc I am never without an answer to something I need.  I can pull up a map and get driving directions to where I am going, including a little dot moving as I move.  The internet is quick and easy.  I thought it might be slow because sometimes browsing the net on the iPhone can be a little slow, but I was wrong.  It is FAST.  Deliciously fast and easy to use. 

Who knows what else: I haven't even figured out everything I can do with this baby yet, and as time goes on there will be more and more apps to use.  There are tons more pros about it, but mostly it is awesome because it has so much potential as well as immediate uses.


These are less of Cons than they are things I would improve on.  And suggestions to a buyer.

Fragility: Okay, I know it is not as fragile as I think it is, but it is not something you want to drop.  My suggestion: When you buy the iPad, buy the case.  You will regret it otherwise.  Also, get the Apple Care Protection Plan, it's worth it.

Flash player, or whatever: I know there is some deal with Apple and the people who make Flash Player or something.  I have no idea what.  All I know is that sometimes I want to watch a video on a website and I can't because it doesn't have a Flash Player.  This isn't too big of a deal though, because I can usually get what I need with the You Tube app. 

Price: It is definitely a splurge and a luxury item.  I don't think you can walk away for less than $550, bare bones, and what fun would that be?

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