Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Veg Veg Revolution

How do you like the new title for my Vegetarian journey? One of my readers suggested "Vegetarian Revolution" in a comment. I just rhymed it with "Dance Dance Revolution", the game no one plays anymore.

Anyway, my Vegetarian journey is going well. It has been about a month of eating no meat or meat products. It has been surprisingly easy. After the first week I realized how little meat I was eating before and I didn't have to make too many adjustments. I mean, I can't have an In N Out burger again (collective Californian gasp!) but that isn't too terrible. Here are a few things I have learned and a few things I had to change this past month.

Jello has animal products in it. Look it up because if I have to type it out I might throw up.

It is easy to replace chicken broth with vegetable broth in soup.

Filling a grocery cart with fruits and veggies is gratifying.

When people find out you are a vegetarian they inevitably ask "Why?". And you had better have an answer or they will stare you down (and "None 'ya business" doesn't really work). This happens even though the town I live in is based around a religion (which I don't belong to) whose followers are either Vegetarian or Vegan. The local grocery store doesn't sell meat products (including fish).

There are a whole lot of companies trying to make vegetarian "meat-like products" (ham like chunks or beef like granules anyone?). I have no interest in eating these over processed products. I'm not eating meat, I don't need something to taste like meat to feel satisfied.

Every now and then on a TV show or movie there is mention of meat processing. It is a relief to be able to see that and know I am not taking part in any of it.

I feel like I can take a longer shower because being Vegetarian has significantly reduced my carbon footprint. Around 18 percent of carbon emissions come from the meat industry. So I am one squeaky clean Vegetarian.

Vegans will always have something to hold over Vegetarians. But will I give up cheese? Hell to the No.

I have also joined Weight Watchers recently to help me make healthier choices in my vegetarianism. It is easy to fall into eating all kinds of junk food because "it doesn't have meat in it!". Neither does a good arugula salad.

I will keep you all apprised of is journey, thanks for your support!

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April said...

I so admire those who can pull off the vegetarian lifestyle so well. Best of luck to you on your journey!

Jennifer Jordan said...

I love this! I consider myself a "flexitarian" but have been vegan/vegetarian and even a vegan raw foodist. And I'm SO with's cheese that stops me from veganism. The second they invent a vegan brie & goat cheese...I'm in. ;-)