Monday, April 25, 2011


It's been a week since I blogged, and I apologize. I'm not sure if it is because I have been working a lot, or because there has been movement on the grad school front, or perhaps because on Thursday my mother tripped in a parking lot and broke both arms near the elbow. Yeah, that last one seems most likely. My mother is okay. She caught her fall with her forearms and face. She has two black eyes, a fat lip, a forehead laceration, and the two broken flippers. As you can imagine, you can't do a whole hell of a lot without your arms. So, I have become her arms. For those who have called and sent flowers and care packages I want to thank you and tell you how much she loves them. I will write soon about the grad school stuff, because it's pretty exciting!

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April said...

So very sorry to hear what happened to your mom! Bless her heart! Sure hope she's much better real soon! Can hardly wait to hear your exciting news about grad. school!

JessRaquel said...

So sorry about your mom! That sounds awful, I hope she starts feeling better soon!