Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

You guys know that I'm always looking out for your best interest, right? Recently I was talking to someone about online coupon codes, and realized that I have useful information that you may not have. I thought I would share! If you do a lot of online shopping you will find this particularly useful. Here's what you do-
If you see a box asking for a coupon code or promotional code like this on the checkout page, you can count on there being coupon codes out there. For example, here is the checkout page on Sephora.com

The next step is to Google "Sephora coupon codes".

And finally, take a look at the results, pick a coupon code you like, and plug it into the box on the checkout page.

Coupons range from some percentage off, to free shipping, bonus samples, and more depending on the site. I hope this helps. I never buy online anymore without checking for coupon codes. I recently saved 10% on a $250 purchase, all I had to do was search for less than 5 minutes. Sweet!

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Nancy said...

Great information! Thanks!