Monday, January 16, 2012

But I've Always Found My Way Somehow, By Taking The Long Way Around

First off, let me say that I'm a bad blogger given that it has been over a month since my last post.  I figured it was time for me to let all my supporters know what is going on with my life.  I've decided to break in down into a few helpful categories.

School:  I just began my second semester at Northeastern University's Graduate School of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.  I had to write that all out because I still can't believe that I was accepted into this program.  I aced my first semester and hope to do the same this time around.  Something that has helped me through is two new girlfriends who are in my program.  We are crazy, funny, and we kind of just clicked.  I'm so thankful for them.  I'm not sure how we can only have known each other a few months, it feels like longer.  We are the three nerdy Musketeers.  We can complain about the guys here, and dating issues.  (Little known fact - There are almost no male Speech Language Pathologists.  It's a girls club.  Makes meeting guys on campus a bit difficult.  Apparently men don't like to talk about talking.  SURPRISE!)  Do I love Northeastern University?  Your answer is this photo from one of my classes on campus.

Work: I think I can describe my job in a few words: exhausting, incredibly fulfilling, life altering.  As I have mentioned, the family I work for is wonderful.  They are kind, generous and fun.  C is two-and-a-half and is a delightful handful.  We've started time-outs and are trying to cut back on the whining, but his smiles and dimples part the dark clouds.  His language is exploding and I usually feel like a translator.  I have known him since he was 20 months old and love to watch him grow and attach to me.  M is 8 months old and is hysterical.  I've know her since she was 7 weeks old and we have a special bond.  Her giggles are infectious and she is so easygoing.  She is so close to crawling and it really frustrates her that she can't.  I love them so much.

Home Life:  Well, I went home to California for 3 weeks over Christmas vacation.  It was wonderful, but weird. I was home, but it wasn't home. I didn't take a single picture (except the one I snapped of Jeff Corwin at the airport after we got off the same flight).

Then I came back to my cozy apartment and felt at home, and I consider that a blessing.  I don't get to spend much time here (I worked 50+ hours this week plus school), but it is home.  I feel so lucky to have found this place.  I spent Thanksgiving with the family who owns the house and lives downstairs.  It was wonderful.  A little touch football, some food, and laughter.  All wonderful.

Boston/Weather: I really have grown to love Boston, Cambridge and the surrounding areas.  I feel like the entire area is one big College.  The history is is wonderful, as are the people.  The Charles River is particularly spectacular.  I was warned repeatedly about the weather here, but it hasn't been too bad so far (knock wood).  We did have that one bad snowstorm on Halloween that devastated New England. Since then it has been pretty warm (Highs in the 40's and lows in the teens and 20's). I write this post the temperature outside is 4 degrees and our high is going to be 20.  It has been dry (no snow), just windy and cold.  I find it totally doable, but ask me again in February.  One fascinating/sad thing is that the Charles River is beginning to freeze, which is beautiful, but means no more Harvard Crew teams to see rowing each morning.

Future Plans: Well, as we all know, plans change, but here is a little taste.  I'm going back to California for Spring Break in early March.  Then in May and June I will be spending a month at a villa in Tuscany with the family I nanny for.  Just let that sink in.  Italy for a month, while being paid.  I also hope to continue to explore Boston and the Northeast.

Highs and Lows:  I'm not going to pretend that there haven't been hard times since my move.  Particularly since my return from California last week.  I try to think of this adage -  "Get a large group of people together and have them take their biggest problem in life and place it on a table.  After looking around at everyone's problems, each person takes their own problem back from the table".  I like to think hat I was given my challenges for a reason and I need to own them and work them through.  That's also why I chose Dixie Chicks lyrics for the title of this post.

The Long Way Around (abridged)

"I've been a long time gone now, maybe someday, someday I'm gonna settle down
But I've always found my way some how
By taking the long way
Taking the long way around

Well I fought with a stranger and I met myself 
I opened my mouth and I heard myself
It can get pretty lonely when you show yourself
Guess I could have been easier on myself  
But I, I could never follow
No I, I could never follow

Well I never seem to do it like anybody else 
Maybe someday, someday I'm gonna settle down
If you ever want to find me I can still be found 
Taking the long way around"

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Karen said...

You are amazing! Oh and I'm totally excited about all of your adventures - even if there are challenges along the way.