Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'll Get Under Your Tush Cheeks

Okay, so I got my first spray tan about 3 weeks ago.  After weeks of being annoyed that I was so white in the places that people could now see thanks to my summer wardrobe, I chose a spray tan.  I tried lotions but was getting pretty frustrated with them.  Tanning naturally in the sun or unnaturally in tanning beds is not an option for me.  One, because I burn more than tan.  Two, because I am so fair and not willing to risk skin cancer to look good.  And three, because if you listen to the nightly news, tanning beds are the work of the devil and if you are under 30 and use them you won't live long enough to regret the skin spots.
I am very pleased with the results of the spray tan and will be getting another one soon.  I MIGHT share some pictures of it.  Depending on if I'm having a good self esteem day and all.  

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