Thursday, July 8, 2010

Conversations With My Parents

Mom: "Are you drinking milk out of a wine glass?"

Me: "Yes"

Mom: "Okay...Why?"

Me:  "It's the only thin glass that was clean.  I can't drink milk from these thick glass cups."

Mom:  "That's weird."

Me:  "Milk in general freaks me out.  I have to drink it, and this is the way I can do it."

Dad who just walked in:  "Are you drinking milk from a wine glass?"

Me: "Yes, as I was saying, I can only drink milk from thin glass."

Dad: "You're a strange child."

Me:  "Look, it's your DNA."

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"Queen" Vic said...

LOL! I know the feeling though - sometimes you just gotta do things YOUR way.

Also, are you the Meghan I know from FSU and APO? B/c you look a LOT like her... if not, then you have a doppleganger!

Thanks for stopping by my SITS Friday Potluck Post!

@Home-Mom said...

lol i was thinking you did it because you missed something ;)
stopping by from SITS!

It's not too late to hop with me