Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yet More Conversations With My Father

Me:  "You know the TV show Monk and how he sees his therapist between one and four times a week
         depending on how he's doing?"

Dad:  "Yeah"

Me:  "I'm having a 2 session week."

Dad:  "hmmm"

Me:  "I'm 2 session crazy.  Maybe 2 double sessions crazy."

Dad: "...."

Me:  "It gets expensive too.  Being crazy is expensive."

Dad:  "..."

Me:  "Well, good conversation.  I'll discuss your lack of interest in what I have to say during one of my
         sessions this week.  You think there is a box to check on the insurance claim form that says
         Parental Malfunction?"

Dad:  "Bite me"

Me:  "Like I said"

(This was from a few weeks ago.  I am having a zero session week this week.  So don't worry.)

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