Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Step One

The first tangible step in this whole cross-country move process happened on Friday: Greta the Jetta was packed full of my stuff and loaded onto a large truck. Right now I would guess that she is somewhere around the Rockies. A few days before we shipped her, Greta got a makeover in the form of a brand new paint job. The paint on her hood (the clear coat actually) was peeling off and I was concerned about what a Boston winter would do to any exposed paint. Now Greta looks great and will do just fine this winter.

For a while after I decided to go to Northeastern, I assumed that I would sell Greta here and use public transportation in Boston. Then I saw the difference in commute times from school to work (15 minute drive or 50 minute train and bus ride) and decided that having a car would give me so much more independence. I have had one car or another since I got my permit at 15 and I really wasn't looking forward to relying on public transportation for everything. I had heard horror stories about driving and parking in Boston though, so I had concerns. Then I visited and saw that it was no more complicated than driving and parking in San Francisco. Plus, having my car means that I can take little trips around the East Coast if I want (like to Martha's Vineyard!).

So, that's where things stand right now. Greta (packed with a ton of my stuff that would have been crazy expensive to ship) is on her way to Boston and looking good doing it. It was strange to hand her over, knowing that the next time I see her will be at my new place in Boston. Things are happening fast now folks. Really fast.

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Karen said...

Congrats on the make-over Greta! (Oh and I'm super excited for your adventure too...)