Saturday, August 27, 2011

Martha's Vineyard, So Specific (And Some Other Ramblings I Wasn't Planning On)

(This photo is from one of the roads on Martha's Vineyard.  Gotta love it.  Right now the East Coast is bracing for Hurricane Irene, Boston included.  It looks like we will get hit with some fierce winds and lots of rain on already saturated soil.  I'm prepared with supplies and plan on hunkering down tomorrow.  I will share stories after the storm passes, if anything interesting happens.  Also, for those who have asked, I did not feel the earthquake a few days ago.  But then again, it was relatively small for a California girl.  I do think it is funny that everyone ran OUTSIDE during the earthquake, pretty much the worst idea.  I also love how California has poked fun of the East Coast's reaction to the quake.  Here are a couple of my favorite joke pics of earthquake "aftermath".)

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