Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I suppose I should elaborate a little about my birthday festivities.  It wasn't supposed to be a raucous occasion because my true birthday present is a trip to Pebble Beach the last weekend of August.  
Anywho - I woke up to signs taped all over the house that proclaimed "Happy 25th Meg - Enjoy it while you still can" and "Happy Quarter Century".
I opened some presents (MarioKart for Wii, sweet!  Gift Certificate for beauty store, sweet!)
Then trudged off to work.  It sucks working on your birthday, but at least it was a Friday.
After work I met up with The Queen of Hearts and The Cheshire Cat for dinner at the Ranch (for privacy reasons I will not divulge the name of the place, but it will probably make it into future posts, so we will just call it the Ranch).
The Q of H had alerted the head Chef there that it was my birthday (inside connections rock!) and he prepared a completely wonderful birthday meal for me.  It was many courses and 3 dishes per course (one for each of us, the "take 2 bites and pass it" rule applied).  There was tuna ceviche, gnocchi, lamb, polenta, lava cake, a cheese course, and so much more.  We were there for about 4 hours all told.  
It was an amazing birthday that I will not soon forget.  
I then spent Saturday recovering from the 2 lemon drops, 2 glasses of champagne, and 1 glass of Dolce that I had.  I can recommend 4 Excedrin, a greasy breakfast sandwich, and a Coca Cola (I know, shame on me and my normally organic, high fructose corn syrup hating self but it worked!)
Now it is back to the grind, that is until the 28th when I leave for Pebble Beach!
And because what's a post without a picture?  Here's a picture of The Mad Hatter's birthday present.  Any guesses what it is?

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kla_texasgirl said...

Is it fair for me to guess if I already know what he got?

Anonymous said...


Meghan said...

Yep, a Kindle.