Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Very Own Daily Coyote

Okay, so this isn't Charlie over at the Daily Coyote, but this is the coyote that lives on my driveway.  Somehow she has lost some of her fear of humans (not all of it) and has realized that the quail live along the driveway as well.  She tends to sleep in the sun in the middle of the driveway and then move about 10 feet away when a car pulls in.  She doesn't move fast or far, she just gets up like "Oh, you again, well, if you must then drive through."
So here she is, my very own (slightly ticked off) coyote.

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Florida Remodel Gal said...

How does she interact with Arrow? He's such a friendly goof, I would suspect he would try to make friends - scary thought. Fla Remo Gal