Monday, January 11, 2010

Tahoe Trip - Part Two: Bringing Up The Rear

After a nice long sleep on Wednesday night we woke up Thursday ready for an adventure.  The adventure that day? Snowmobiling! Only four of us decided to go: Me, The Queen of Hearts, G Bags (the M family matriarch) and Rich M.  After getting all kitted out in our snow attire we were ready for a nice run.  The weather was perfect and we had an amazing time.  I decided to be the last in the pack because I like to go faster and have done it enough that I don't need to be babysat.
Here are some pictures from our adventure.

(G Bags and Rich)

(Me, photo by The Queen of Hearts)

(The Q of H, Rich, Me, G Bags. Photo by our guide Doug)

(Me, photo by the Q of H)

This is our guide Doug from Lake Tahoe Adventures.  He was awesome.  He let us go a speed we were all comfortable with (fast for me!) and also showed us all around the area.  We have gone on several snowmobiling tours with this company and one 4 wheeler tour of the Rubicon trail with them.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about them.  If you are thinking about an adventure when you are in Tahoe, definitely take a look at LTA and ask for Doug!

I couldn't get enough pictures of the scenery.  I was brave and brought my Nikon and was glad I did.  The pictures I was able to capture just blew me away.

I would snowmobile every day if I could.
When we got home we sent those who didn't come with us out for Lake Tahoe Pizza.  This is damn good pizza.  We relaxed and did a little more, you guessed it, hot tubbing.  We also played some cards, shot some pool and chatted into the wee hours.

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