Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tahoe Trip - Part Three: Morons On Ice

On Friday we celebrated the New Year with some serious relaxing at home.  We did a little playing in the snow, but mostly stayed in.  The next day we decided to take a trip around the lake.  The last time the M family came to Tahoe with us we were in complete white out conditions and got 4 feet of snow.  The roads were closed around the lake so they never really got a good look.
The weather cooperated wonderfully this time and we all had a good time looking at the pure blue water of the massive lake.  We also planned on having lunch out so we got all dressed up and took some photos for family and friends.

(The Q of H, The Mad Hatter, Me)

(The Q of H, Me, Rich, G Bags, and Rick)

(The Q of H, Me, The Mad Hatter, My Grandma)

We stopped once for photos at a scenic overlook, but the snow had become so icy that we didn't get very many pictures.  It was like a hockey rink but without the sides to protect us.  I feared for the young life of the Nikon around my neck.

We did get some good pictures when we stopped for lunch at a very yummy restaurant right on the lake. Snow had completely covered the sandy beach next to the pier and the shores of the lake were iced over.  For some reason this called to Rich and he dragged me with him to take pictures on the snow covered beach.

Then that moron took off his shoes and stuck his feet in the freezing lake.  I told him that if his feet fell off I would not be pushing his wheelchair for the rest of my life.


Even Arrow was like "dude, WTF are you doing?" After drying off we headed back up to the car, and I snapped a few shots on the way.

(A very cold duck must have left these tracks)

It was the perfect last full day of a wonderful vacation.

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