Monday, March 22, 2010

Enemies, Foreign And Domestic

Arrow hates squirrels.  Listen squirrel lovers, I love the little rats, please don't send hate mail.  I'm just saying that Arrow loathes them.  So what does my father decide to do? He puts birdseed right next to the sliding glass door so the squirrels will come right up to where Arrow's bed is.  Evil, I know.  You can send him the hate mail.  Anywho, Arrow and the squirrels are enemies.  The squirrels know that to get outside Arrow has to run through the house, out the dog door in the laundry room, around the side walkway, up the front stairs, across the front deck and onto the side deck where they are.  And Arrow is not stealthy.  Not even a little bit.  He runs scrambling and growling and the squirrels scatter.  Poor little guy wouldn't know what to do if he ever did catch one anyway.  
So, here are some pictures from a recent encounter.  Notice how Arrow avoids eye contact and take a look a the smug look on that squirrel's face.  

(Bonus: The first commenter to correctly tell me where the phrase "Enemies, Foreign and Domestic" comes from will be mailed their very own Arrow calendar!)

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