Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Health Care Reform

I have been asked by several people recently about my views on the new Health Care Reform Bill.  
I have to say that I have not read all 2000+ pages of it, and am no expert in the field.  
Here are my basic feelings about the arguments surrounding the bill:

1. It is not socialism in the way that the Tea Baggers are talking about.  Go read up a little on socialism and see how many parts of the American government and public works are "socialized".

2. Children cannot be dropped from coverage for a preexisting condition.  Most of the children I work with were born with a preexisting condition.  There was never a time in their life when this condition did not exist.  They are the ones who need healthcare most.  These children will be much better cared for under this new law.

3. "The government is going to get between me and my doctor."  Okay, here are the three scenarios now: 
a) You have private insurance: that insurance company is between you and your doctor.
b) You have MediCare or Medicaid: the government is between you and your doctor.  
c) You don't have insurance: you probably don't see a doctor. 
There is always going to be someone that has to deal with the economics of healthcare.  The hope is that if we can limit the power of private insurance companies, who employ people solely to turn down claims, then maybe the system will work better.  It is not perfect.  There is never going to be a time when you can walk into a doctor's office, tell them where it hurts, walk out with some pills and no paperwork needs to be done.  It is a necessary evil.  

4. Children up to age 26 can stay on their parents insurance policy.  That is huge.  Do you know how many uninsured college students are out there? Imagine not having to worry about going into debt over insurance and health costs while you are trying to pay for college.  It would be an amazing relief for many people.  

My final thoughts: I think this entire HealthCare fiasco could have been handled better if the Republicans stopped throwing hissy fits and the Democrats stood up for themselves.  The religious and racist undertones coming out of the Republican party recently have been appalling.  Clearly for them it is Party before Country.  The Democrats could have gotten the real information out there in a cleaner form.  If you give the people the facts of the bill, then Sarah Palin and FOX news can only twist the info so much.  It is an imperfect bill, but it is damn better than what we have right now.  Hey Republicans, maybe if you had helped a little instead of having your heads so far up your asses it would be a little more to your liking.  The bill was passed while you guys pouted.  I'm sorry the Democrats took "your" Presidency and "your" Majority and your candy, but GET OVER IT AND GOVERN!

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