Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting Burned

Remember the "Unborn Wine" series of vineyard shots I did through the Spring and Summer of last year?  You can check a few of them out here, and here

This is what that vineyard looks like now.

See all of that green grass in the foreground?  That is where the vines used to be.  Those burning piles are the vines themselves.  This is the time of year that, for various reasons, some wineries choose to uproot entire vineyards and replant for the Spring.  The vines are then burned, which I am sure is nutritious for the soil.  It's just the circle of life. Just the changing of seasons.  But when I passed these burning piles I realized that I captured the last grapes to grow on these vines.  I photographed them from bud break to harvest.  Pretty neat.

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