Friday, December 3, 2010

Ramblings (Stream Of Consciousness)

Last week I discovered that I am allergic to eggs. I had omelets twice that week and both nights were awful. I couldn't sleep due to excruciating and debilitating intestinal pain. I realized that I had not eaten eggs in six months, since I started Jenny Craig. Clearly an allergy. Then I cut up a hard boiled egg on Thanksgiving and broke out in a rash. So now I can't eat or touch eggs.

My mom and I put up the Christmas tree last weekend. The tradition is to talk about the origins of each ornament as we place it on the tree. We also put National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on the TV. The day isn't complete without the Griswolds.

I'm really getting back into painting, and it is wonderful to have the time to be creative.

I'm still doing a bunch of walking with Arrow. It's really cute to see how excited he gets when I put on my running shoes and get out his necklace (collar). He bounces with joy the whole time. We do a three mile loop with tons of hills. I think that three miles in my neighborhood should count as six miles because of altitude and sheer steepness.

My mom is currently campaigning for Mother Of The Year. She came to me one day and said, "how would you feel about spending a few nights at Millennium Tower around Christmas?" Is there any other answer to this question than YES!? So next weekend we are going down to San Francisco for some mother daughter shopping and taking in the holiday festivities. I'm sure I will come back with tons of pictures.

I am scheduled to take the GRE on December 17th. I am crazy stressed about this. I plan on taking it again in January to see if I can get a higher score. I am not looking forward to the math section at all. I am also freaked that I will study a bunch of vocabulary and then I wont know the ones on the test.

I got my hair cut and highlighted, and it is now about three inches shorter and I have side swept bangs. Here's a picture of the crazy Lady GaGa-esque foil creation that my stylist inflicted on me. All I could think was, GaGa ooh la la.

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