Friday, October 30, 2009

Texas Trip Part 2 - A Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Day two of our time in San Antonio started with a traditional breakfast - tacos from Taco Taco which is just around the corner from the M Spot.
Once we had all recovered from that, we set off to explore some places from our past.
First we went to the place of my birth.  The house I spent the first 17 years of my life in.

It was great to see that the house I loved so much was being so well cared for.  Those windows that you see are in what used to be my bedroom.  I loved that room.  There are 3 windows just like these on the other wall as well.  It was painted red with white trim and the sunlight streaming in them in the morning was gorgeous.  When I was about 10 I helped my dad re-shingle the roof.  Well, actually, I sat with him on the roof while he worked.  My parents planted the trees you see in the foreground before I was born. It is a place of many wonderful and painful memories.  A place of joy and sorrow.  A place that is not home, but will always be home.

After that, we drove over to my pre-school.  I was surprised to see it still up and running.  I knocked on the door and was delighted when they allowed me to take photos around the school.
This school was the epitome of nurturing.  It was a school that served the entire child.  I was allowed to learn by doing.  It was wonderful.  Now, 22 years later, there is a whole new generation of children being given the gift of a wonderful education here.

We moved on to the the place I went to school from the time I was six until I was 14.  This school was not quite as touchy-feely, but it gave me a priceless education.  It prepared me for college before I started high school.  I am lucky to have gone here.

It started to rain so we decided to head back to the M Spot.
My friend Mel was getting off work soon and was going to head over for dinner.  It was just so perfect.  Mel and I met at the school you see above.  We were just starting the first grade and we have been inseparable ever since.
When she came over there was much hugging and squealing.

Then we did a little catching up, some reminiscing, and a whole lot of laughing.

And before we knew it, it was 11pm and we decided to turn in.  We weren't too sad though, because we knew we would be seeing each other again the next day.  The next day was a very special day.  It was The Queen of Heart's birthday and Mel's birthday.
And boy was it fun.

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