Saturday, October 31, 2009

Texas Trip Part 3 - Bappy Hirthday! More Mardagritas!

Day 3 of our Texas trip began with some birthday wishes for the Queen of Hearts.
Then she, G, and I went shopping.
G is R's mom and is my second mother.
Her hugs will lift the dark clouds above your head and her smile will shine light into the darkness.

After shopping I took a few photos around the M Spot.

Then we all got cleaned up and ready for the evening.  We started our celebrations with R's famous margaritas on the porch.

The evening was filled with conversation.

Back rubs.

And wondering where the time has gone.

Then we gathered ourselves together.  (And by gathered together I mean that I tried to see straight after realizing that R had been refilling my drinks all night without my knowledge.) Then we headed out for a wonderful birthday gathering full of friends and Mexican food.

After dinner I dropped the Q of H off at the M Spot and headed over to Mel's house to wish her a happy birthday and to meet her girlfriend S.
I neglected to take photos because it was 2 am and I left my brain at the restaurant.
It was wonderful though, trust me.
Then I headed back the the M Spot to join everyone in catching some Zs before our last day with them before heading to the wedding.

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