Friday, November 13, 2009

Quintessentially American

I decided to make some microwave popcorn the other day, and just before I stuck it into the microwave  I noticed something on the bag.
Under "Helpful Hints" it said "Do not use popcorn setting on microwave".

Excuse me?  Am I getting this right?

Someone in this great country was trying to figure out how to sell more microwaves.  So he said to his
boss, "what about a button that is perfectly timed for microwave popcorn?"
Perfect!  So simple.  So American.  I can shave 3 seconds off my time pressing buttons so I won't miss a second of Gray's Anatomy.
But the makers of popcorn were all "No No No.  Not Okay!  Thou shalt not disrespect the sacred and precise cooking time of the popcorn.  Thou shalt listen to the popping and when it doth stop for 2 seconds thy popcorn is done."

I thought about the little things in my daily life that would be so foreign to anyone living anywhere else.  Like this popcorn button.  So unnecessary, yet such a great idea.

So I put the bag in the microwave and hit Popcorn.  
Because I really needed those 3 seconds.

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