Friday, November 6, 2009

Strange Encounters At The Pharmacy

The Queen of Hearts went to the Pharmacy for me the other day to pick up my painkillers which allow my back to feel only slightly excruciating rather than EXCRUCIATING.

She came home and said "Boy, do I have a story for you". 
I immediately thought "Ooh!  Blog material!"
Because I'm just that big of a nerd.

This is the conversation that she had at the pharmacy with a man in his mid 40s:
We will call him WTF Guy.

WTF Guy: "Did you guys know that they caught Bin Laden?"
Queen of Hearts and Pharmacist: "No?! You're Kidding!"
QOH: "I didn't see it anywhere on the news or online"
 WTFG: "Yeah, they caught him, only he was disguised as the President of the United States".

Then, as if that was not weird enough:

WTFG: "Also, when Farrah Fawcett died, God said that she could have one wish and that it would come true since she had brought joy to so many people.  So she wished that all of the rapists and child molesters would be gone.  And then BOOM, Michael Jackson died".
Pharmacist: "That's not funny."
WTFG: "Maybe you just don't appreciate my sense of humor"
QOH: "It's not that we don't understand or appreciate it.  It's that it wasn't funny.  It was offensive"
WTFG: "Well, I have other less racy jokes".
QOH: "Again, it's not that it was racy.  It was offensive and made everyone in here uncomfortable."
QOH to Pharmacist: "Have a nice day".

Alrighty then.

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