Monday, November 2, 2009

Texas Trip Part 4 - Humidity Sucks

Day four of our trip to Texas began with me sleeping in very late.  I didn't get back to the M Spot until about 2 am and I figured I earned the extra rest.  At some point the night before I had agreed to meet Mel and her girlfriend S at Taco Taco for breakfast.
Are you sensing a theme to my meals during the trip?

Anyway, we decided to meet at the M Spot at 11:45 am because then our meal still qualified as breakfast.  R had a Grad-school paper to finish and couldn't join us so we decided to make it a girl's morning.
The breakfast at Taco Taco was amazing and we all waddled out of there an hour later promising to never eat again.

Then we headed back to the M Spot for a little chatting.  Well, a little chatting turned into a lot of chatting and even more picture taking.

On a side note: Mel went to New Mexico on summer vacation with my family and the M family about 10 years ago, so she fits right in.  She and G get along especially well since they both enjoy antiquing.

We did a little reminiscing about the aforementioned New Mexico Trip

We got to know S better (LOVE her!)

We all did a lot of hugging

Which Mitzi is not a fan of so she stayed under the table and gave us the stink eye.

Finally, we hung out with Slick, the gecko who I mentioned several posts ago.  He is 17.  No one is sure how long these guys normally live.
Slick doesn't seem at all bothered.

Then before we knew it, the time had come to pack up and leave for the wedding.  Goodbyes are never any fun.  This time it was a little easier since the M family will be coming up Tahoe with us after Christmas.  I keep pounding it into Mel's head that she must come too.  She keeps whining about money and something called "responsibilities".  Whatever.

So we left the M Spot in our zippy red convertible, headed for New Braunsfels for the wedding.
We got in too late to take any good photos and headed to bed pretty quickly (but not before giving my Grandma a spin in the convertible).
The next day was the wedding, and it was so much fun!!

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