Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Texas Trip Part 6 - We're Outta Here

The morning after the wedding, some of us woke up feeling fitter than others.  There was a lot of champagne.

We packed up, said our goodbyes, and headed out to my Grandma's house since we had a couple of hours before our flight.
My Grandma had recently moved to a house very close to my Aunt Camera and Uncle Doolittle.
Plus, since we had been to Texas last she had acquired a new dog and several goats.
Yep, we're the goat people.

So we met Fiona (and her ever-present tongue) and immediately fell in love.

She has apparently been taking eyeliner tips from Arrow, who gets his straight from King Tut.

Then we met the goats that my Grandma bottle fed.

Then we checked in with Manan, my Grandma's long suffering Siamese.

Then, during a walk to my Aunt and Uncle's house, I spotted my Dad's old Studabaker pickup that he owned when I was small.  It has since made its way through the family and is now sitting on my Uncle's property.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  But I would know the color of that truck anywhere.
We call it Helen Green, because my Nanny (my Mom's Mom) went through a phase where she painted everything this color.

Here's a comparison for you.  The Studabaker now:

Me in the Studabaker circa 1985:

Our time in Texas was drawing to a close so I walked back to my Grandma's house to say goodbye.
Grandma is also coming with us to Tahoe after Christmas, so the goodbye was softened.

Then mom and I trudged off into the thick humidity to catch our flight back to California.
It was a wonderful trip.
A trip full of memories and laughter, new friends and old.
I leave you with this intelligent look from Fiona that pretty much sums up her feelings about us leaving.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  Remember, your luggage must be under 50 pounds, allow 2 hours for security, and the peanuts are no longer free.

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