Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There's A Reason That "Rambling" Is In The Blog Title

I feel like I am doing a lot of catch up this time of year anyway and the blog is reflecting that.  More ramblings than completely formed ideas.  So here they are.  

I have completed my Christmas shopping and wrapping.  What a wonderful feeling. 

I ordered Holiday cards on December 7th and they were supposed to be here 7 days later.  After a mix up with the company, I only got them on the 19th and just in time to send them back out again.  I barely got to look at the design I spent so much time on.  I will post a picture of the card on Christmas for all of you who don't get one because 1. they are expensive, and 2. I don't have everyone's address.  I even tweeted about the cards, damn auto fill:

Holiday caress complete! Out in mail tomorrow. Now I can die happy.

Dear god, not holiday caress, holiday CARDS. Won't live this down.

I was super sick yesterday.  Had an awful headache and puked all day.  Nothing like some all day vomiting to break through that weight plateau.  

The other day I was watching a show on TV that featured sled dogs.  I looked down and Arrow was watching the TV with his head cocked to the side.  Every time the dogs barked he would lift his ears a little.  It was the most adorable thing ever.  I didn't get pictures or video of him because I was afraid to move.

I took the GRE on the 17th and am really pleased with my score.  I will probably take it again in January just to see if I can do better, but having that done is wonderful.  

I am apparently allergic to eggs except when they are baked into things like cookies and cakes. 

I am working on a 2011 Arrow Balance Calendar.  I am trying to gauge how many to order and if I should get a move on and try to have them done in early January.  If you would buy an Arrow calendar for about $15 would you please leave a comment on this post so I know?  Thanks!

It is raining so much out here I feel like I am in a Twilight movie.  So here are a few pictures from a walk a couple weeks ago between rainstorms.  Enjoy!

5 comments to blog for:

Karen said...

We still have our 2010 Arrow Calendar up! My favorite is still the "His Name was Arrow, he was a showgirl" picture... So yes I think I'd be willing to purchase one!

Debra said...

I would be glad to order an Arrow calendar! And regarding the "caress" for "cards," have you seen the website www.damnyouautocorrect.com
It is hi-larious.

Debra said...

okay, yes, I have now scrolled.

Anonymous said...

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