Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Because I Said So

It can be really fun to Google "why" and see what pops up in the suggestion box.  For example:

I can get on board with "why is the sky blue?" and "why do cats purr?"- those seem valid.  

I don't know what to say about "why is my poop green?" or "why is Demi Lovato in rehab?"

Why can't you own a Canadian?  Same reason you can't own an American or a Australian - because IT'S ILLEGAL TO OWN PEOPLE!  

I like to picture the person that Googled "why did I get married?"  I suppose if you are at that point in your relationship, Google advice is as good as any.  

3 comments to blog for:

Anonymous said...

Please! Please, I want a canadian!!!! it!\\


Ado said...

Happy SITS day!
What a great idea for a post in your Ramblings section. I can't believe someone typed "Why did I get married"!

Love your photo on the main page with the mom-to-be in the black dress with the dog. Gorgeous pix. And I'm sure you've heard this a lot but wow what a fantastic blog design you have.
PS: I am from Northern California too - Marin. (-:

- Ado

LisaDay said...

Aww, I can't own an American? Too funny. To answer the green poop question, it's because your body is digesting really fast. Colour, at least for babies, is no big deal.

I hope you are feeling better.