Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Tell Me When It's Over

I promised you, my faithful readers, that I would keep you updated on my Grad School application status.

So, I took the GRE again in January and got the results back recently. My scores are as follows for the first test/second test:

Verbal: 630/650 out of 800
Quantitative (Math): 590/500 out of 800
Analytical Writing: 5.0/5.5 out of 6

I'm pleased at the 20 point jump on the Verbal section. I ran out of time on the Math section, which really sucks. I think I'm most pleased with the 5.5 in the Writing section. This brought me from the 84th to 94th percentile. This is huge given my area of study and the importance placed on this section. Schools will get the scores for both tests, so they will also see my 590 on the first Math section. All told, I'm happy with my scores and super happy that I don't ever have to take the GRE again.

As far as applications go, I have submitted all of them, which feels really great. I ended up only applying to 7 schools instead of 8. University of Washington wasn't going to be a good fit so I dropped it. Now I reside in the awful purgatory between application submission and hearing back from the schools starting in late March.

I have very strong opinions about my first choice school, second, etc. I'm not going to share the names of the schools until I hear back from them.

Please cross your fingers, toes, eyes and really anything else you can cross, and think happy thoughts for me.

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Karen said...

Yippeee for GRE being over! I'm so impressed since I couldn't convince myself to retake it....

pro said...

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