Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bay Area Driving Hints and Tips

You see that long plastic thingy sticking out of the left side of your steering wheel? You know, the one that when you hit it accidentally makes a cool clicking sound? Yeah, use that when you are making a turn you schmuck!

Sure you're hot and driving a BMW but you are also a man, which means you are incapable of merging.  When you don't merge, and I get sandwiched between two UPS trucks, I will not be happy.  It's the Bay Area! We love to merge! Get used to it.  I don't want to sit behind a big brown truck emblazoned with "What can brown do for you?" in huge yellow lettering.  It doesn't make for a fun commute.

If the speed limit is 55, don't go 30.  I'm going to go 60 and so should you.

If there is something that you have deemed absolutely necessary to take a picture of, but accidentally pass it by, then loop around when you can.  DO NOT stop abruptly and pull a right turn onto the shoulder to take a picture of a bridge, cow, sheep, vine, boat, etc.

Thank you.

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