Thursday, April 9, 2009

Going Postal

What goes through my mind in an average day that I can now subject you to...

Care-Takers are the same as Care-Givers.  
How does that work? 
Is it like flammable and inflammable?

My BlackBerry does not recognize "texting" as a viable word in its texting spell-checker.  

If you use the word "covenant" in a conversation with me I immediately flash to an image of Charles Manson.  Go ahead and carve a swastika in your forehead because you are officially disturbed.  

I have a college degree and still need a poster board sized chart to keep everything straight on LOST.

In my sickly state today I did my "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon".  I only needed 4.

The package I was expecting today was delivered, just not to me.  
According to the UPS tracking website it was signed for by "Dalene" at 
"the Dock" in 
"Angwin, Ca"
Angwin has docks? 
And the UPS Conspiracy lives on.

And a picture to brighten your day ('cause I'm that kind of girl)...

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