Monday, April 13, 2009


The Duggar family is like a bad car can't help but watch even though it is gruesome.  

One of the problems of working with 2 year olds (literally) is that your business cards are coated in a fine layer of glitter.  
Glitter - by the way - should be outlawed.  There is absolutely no way to get rid of all of it.  It comes to the surface in strange ways. I swear I have glitter still imbedded in my pores from the late '80s. 
Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts.

You can count on my happiness when you have your 2 year old make me a thank you card for her birthday present.  Thank you cards are the epitome of manners.  You rock.

If you bring you schnauzer to the office I will get nothing done.

If you name your twin girls Heaven and Nevaeh I will curse you.

If you put a kiddie gym with mats in the back of my office I will find a padded horizontal surface to covet.  I will refrain from lying down, but it will eat at me all day.

If I watch another episode of In Treatment I will go searching for a therapist that looks like Gabriel Byrne.

Hmmm...maybe I should see a therapist after all...

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